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Thanks for your interest in contributing to VueXYZ. Here's how to jump in:

Find Issues

You can find issues on the GitHub repo. If you find a bug or have a feature request, please open an issue. If you're interested in working on an issue, please comment on it to let others know you're working on it.

What about wrapping other creative coding libraries?

As you're probably aware, there are many creative coding libraries out there. What makes VueXYZ unique is that it's entirely focused on a composable architecture, returning reactive data instead of rendering anything to the screen directly.

If you find another open-source project with helpful functionality that you believe would be a good fit for this paradigm, please open an issue to discuss it.



Clone this repo to your machine and install the dependencies.

pnpm install

VueXYZ uses VitePress for documentation, and it's easy to develop and debug with it:

pnpm docs:dev

Project Structure

All the composables are within the /src directory. Primitives are found under src/primitives and utilities under src/utilities. Each composable has its own directory within those respective paths, with the source code and tests.

If you add/edit a composable, you can run pnpm test to run the tests.

Documentation and demos are found under docs, which is a VitePress installation. See the VitePress documentation for more information.


Thanks for helping to make VueXYZ a better library for creative coding in Vue! 🎉

Released under the MIT License.